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About us


Whole World international charitable save the children fund was established on April 12, 2012. The fund is registered with Public register of NGOs under No.7814011850.


Our vision



Main field of activities of the fund is helping children suffering from bone tumors. For a long time this type of pathology entailed major disabling surgery including complicated limbs amputation in the course of treatment. Currently there is an opportunity of bones and joints resection without limb amputation when resected part is replaced with endoprosthesis, so called preserving surgery.

Expensive high-tech endoprostheses made to order are used in children’s oncological orthopedics, they might cost up to 1,5-2 Mio. roubles, while sometimes it is impossible to get a quota. In such cases Whole World charitable fund comes to the rescue to little patients in trouble.

For the time of its work the fund has helped patients of  RussianOncologicalResearchCenter named after N.N. Blokhin (Moscow), Municipal clinical hospital No. 31 inSt. Petersburg and R&D Oncological Institute named after Petrov (St. Petersburg).

The fund has built special relationship with R&D Oncological Institute named after Petrov. The majority of our supervisees are undergoing treatment there. Children from all over the world come here to get rid of severe diseases.

Whole World charitable fund is an international fund. Mainly donations are received from ordinary public. As of today over 15000 people from over 110 countries of the world have made donations  and this number is constantly growing. 
Such concerted action of people from across the globe in zeal to help seriously ill children is impressing. Majority of these donators make constant donations to the fund and we are really grateful to them for that!

Fund President
Alexey Sumenkov